Brunch: lunch break

Caffè Portofino does not restrict itself to just breakfast and aperitifs, but offers a complete service, including lunch time. Its suggestion is a lunch break amongst the most delicious of those found in Rome.

So, if after visiting San Pietro and the Vatican museums you are in need of a lunch break, Caffè Portofino is just the place for you. You will be greeted with a large buffet for savory food lovers, including a wide variety of appetisers, first courses, main courses and side dishes. You are most welcome to try all of our dishes and to compose the meal that most suits your taste.

The Buffet

During lunch, a large buffet is served from which you can choose what to eat. Caffè Portofino’s menu is varied: from the surf and turf appetiser to the more traditional ham, melon and olives or ham with mozzarella.


Customers who want a full meal can choose the Buongustaio course: a dish consisting of caprese, pasta and aubergine. Pasta lovers will also be more than satisfied at Caffè Portofino. Every day we prepare two different types of pasta dishes according to our culinary tradition, in order to meet the tastes of everyone. Caffè Portofino not only offers hot pasta plates, but also cold ones: rich rice, farro and pasta salads.

And for those who want a quick lunch but at the same time light and tasty or vegetarian?

Caffè Portofino also offers fresh, expertly cooked, seasonal grilled vegetables, tuna salads, prawn and salmon salads, a salted dry beef salad and… a delicious cheese platter.

Caffè Portofino’s buffet presents a selection that varies according to taste and season; and all for a fixed price. The buffet is abundant both in variety and quantity, always respecting the culinary philosophy of Caffè Portofino of a fine cuisine and fresh food. The customer can thus choose traditional local first courses or fanciful recipes with wholesome, high-quality ingredients.

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